We recently returned from a trip to visit the Serengeti Scholars in Arusha, TZ.   Half of the Serengeti Scholars are in High School, soon to be ready for the next step, whether it be university or a job.   Our visit concentrated on teaching the Scholars how to write a resume, how to interview for a job, and how to..
The majority of articles, posts, and commentary about Government Schools in Tanzania is that they are sub-standard.  A great deal is written about the need for private schools to offer a quality education.  I believe what I read, and when I first came to Tanzania, helped to fund a private preschool and day care.  Outside the iron gates of the school..
We are home from a wonderful and successful trip to Tanzania.  We visited with our Project Manager, Ayubu Gadiye, the Serengeti Scholars, the Women's Business Start Ups, and the Scholars' parents.  Each day of meetings was exciting compared to our last visit, when the Serengeti Scholars Project was first starting, 18 months ago.  What has changed?  There is an easiness,..
We're off to Arusha, Tanzania this week to visit with the families of the Serengeti Scholars Project.  We will meet with the Scholars, their parents, and our Women's Business Start Up funded by Serengeti Seed Capital.    What started out as a radical idea of not building a school, but instead taking the smartest, poorest kids and giving them the funding..
We’ve launched the Blog to share what we are doing at home and in Tanzania, where motivated, highly qualified qualified kids have been chosen as the first group of Serengeti Scholars.  Each of these kids would never have walked through the door of a secondary school if it weren’t for the Project. It’s our first year working with the Government..