Monthly Archives: February 2015

Say Hi to the Blog

We’ve launched the Blog to share what we are doing at home and in Tanzania, where motivated, highly qualified qualified kids have been chosen as the first group of Serengeti Scholars.  Each of these kids would never have walked through the door of a secondary school if it weren’t for the Project.

It’s our first year working with the Government Schools, and the poorest of the poor families.  As of January, 32 kids from nine Government schools in and around Arusha, TZ are enrolled and looking to a bright future.   The wait list for the Project is up to fifty, and we project 100 kids in School through our awesome donors support.  What goes on to support this Project all the way in East Africa?   This is the place to read all about it.

Last week, the Kid for Kids page on our site launched.  Welcome to the Greenburg Academy in Yonkers, NY, where students and their teacher, Inez Arrigo, are the first School to sponsor Scholars.  You’re reading the Blog, launching this week as well.  It’s been an exciting time as photos of smiling students holding their new schoolbooks and supplies arrived in our Inbox.   We’re off and running, and it’s really good!

Books and Supplies!

This week and last, our Serengeti Scholars from nine different schools in and around Arusha went shopping for School.  These were days that were hard to believe for these kids.  Brand new books.   The kind that only a teacher would have.   Having a book means not having to share with five other students.  These, along with new shoes, backpacks, uniforms all mean so much to the Scholars.  Having new things for school, ones that are just for you, mean that the Scholar means something:  That they are worthwhile, and that they are going to be somebody, able to help their families and society.   We saw this week also that what means next to nothing in other countries, means everything to a student who has grown up in some of the worst poverty in the World.